DMC Inter Law – trusted law firm in Pattaya

Pattaya Property MarketDMC Inter Law – trusted law firm in Pattaya

DMC Inter Law - our trusted law firm in Pattaya

Finding the experienced trustworthy and reliable lawyers that communicate in English in Pattaya can be difficult and frustrating. A simple click on Google brings up thousands of results. There are so many of options for one best choice you need literally.

With years of experience in Pattaya real estate business, Pattaya Property Market has recommended Ms.Chantima Watcharapongwanith and her law office, the DMC Inter Law to our clients and families who may have wanted legal assistance from real estate both in Pattaya and all around Thailand, family, immigration, civil litigation to criminal issues. The following is part of her speech. Find DMC Inter Law at

Ms.Chantima Watcharapongwanoth, DMC Inter Law

“When problems involve with the police occure, many foreigners have falsed conceptions about the legal process in Thailand, including expectations that things here are done the same ways that they are in their own countries or the opposite’s that there is nothing the lawyers can do for them!”

Ms.Chantima Watcharapongwanith full team members.


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